Friday, August 11, 2006

Lens baby the secret behind wedding photography in Venice
As an Italy based wedding photographer I travel around the entire peninsula for my work.
Italy is one of the most beautiful place for destination weddings.
The history, the culture the genius of Leonardo and Michelangelo...
The romance of Venice, the charm of Florence and Tuscany are really uncompared.
I really like Venice, the city lives in a timeless status.
Sometimes I take a look to other photographer that are shooting destination wedding like me.
Venice is a natural destination and of course the wedding business attracts a lot of people...
Among them there are people that often forget the sacredness of the event.
I really like weddings because are one of the most important day of a couple and I do the best to create a beautiful record of the event.
As all weddings photographer I have some little secrets, one of them is that I usually took with me my Lens baby that create a blurry/dreamy/movement look. This little accessories is magic if you want to add a little bit of romance.

My room in Venice is really nice, I find an old nice lady that rent me the space in a beautiful palace near Piazza San Marco and she is usually interested in my work.