Friday, October 20, 2006

Wedding in Arese

Claudia and Federico are really nice people...
Unfortunately at Claudia's home the light was really awful...
Low light also to shoot at 1600 ISO and too yellow...
So? Well the only thing was adding a flash light...
I took my Nikon SB - 600 and I went wireless putting the flash upon the library, near the ceiling. So I knew that flash was not visible but light was beautiful…
The bride was really happy (as usual in last ten years)…
I was not so happy and I start to take a look around to reach a better light with flashes.
I find a little help here:

I hope that this will help all wedding photographers around.
I started to evaluating to buy a SB – 800, the prices are falling, and Joe MacNally tutorial video.
Stay tuned I will absolutely post a review of the DVD.
By the way here some pictures:

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Wedding in Pallanza lake Maggiore

Pallanza is a garden on the lake Maggiore setting on the Borromean Gulf.
Villa Taranto has famous gardens and the lake is simply nice.
I was here one week ago and... Nice time, nice wedding at Grand Hotel Majestic.
I shoot nice pictures and some nice still life.
Lorenza and Marco were really happy when they saw the photographs.
I usually like to hear an happy bride.