Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Gregory Heisler portrait photographer

Gregory Heisler is one of the best portrait photographer around the world.
He is a master in lighting people and he works both in studio and in location.
We all can improve our creative thought about portrait photography looking the picture in his site.
More than 50 Time covers, corporate shots for the most important firms in the world and a lot of portraits of VIP make his works a good inspiration for all photographers.
I believe that next time I will do studio shooting I will think to his light schemas.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Digital Wedding Photography: Capturing Beautiful Memories

Glen Johnson is a professional wedding photographer that explain you the world of wedding photography. The book is full-color and Glen explains tips and solutions for taking nice wedding pictures.
Learn the secrets and best practices of one of the most successful wedding photographer in the world.
If you're a professional this book will be your companion for life.
Imagine you can learn how to capture emotions and to refine your style…
Make people feel relaxed and comfortable while you're shooting during a wedding
Improve your business skills to sell your photographic talent.
Discover opportunities and risks of destination wedding…
This the book you must buy and that will change your business making it more profitable an happy.

Amy Vitale

Amy Vitale is a young photographer with a great reportage eyes.
She is specialized in India and her images are great, with wonderful color, nice composition and a good time for decisive moment. All of us can learn something from her shots. Personally I’m used to look at the picture of other photographers for inspiration and to understand how to tell a story with images.
It does not matter if you are shooting a wedding in Italy, an assignment in Bellagio or in Milan learning how to tell a story with images will be something that you will always take in your poket…