Friday, October 23, 2009

Some more Street photography from Italy

I like to shoot pictures while I'm travelling across Italy for my wedding photography or editorial assignement.
For me Street Photography is a form of art that clear comletely my mind and let me feel the cities, the places and people. It's like to be in touch with umanity for a fraction of a second. I feel free.

Street Photography 01 a collection of black and white pictures about Italy and complexity - Images by Vittore Buzzi

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Wedding Venice ( diaries of a wedding photographer)
For a weding photographer a wedding in Venice is really demanding.
The city is absolutely nice and crowded and you have to find some beautiful places to take some quiet pictures to create a feeling with the bride and the groom.
I had lived in Venice for 4 years and I have a little flat near San Marco Square in the heart of the city, I shot more than 20 wedding in Venice and I'm always looking for something new and unespected. Often the gondola shots are really sterotype. With my pictures I try to capture the feeling of Venice and the magic of a wedding.

When Kate and Collin contacted me for their wedding in Venice I was really pleased, but when I met them at Europa Regina (near calle XXII Marzo the most commercial street in Venice) I was really happy. They are handsome and fine.

We immediatley find a great feeling and we cross Venice walking and taking a lot of pictures.
I can easily say that was aone of my best weddings in Venice.
I'm really a lucky guy, I do anice job and I meet nice people....

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