Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Photo Tours 2010 2011

I've planned two really nice photo tours for the end of 2010 and the beginning of 2011.
Here you can find all the information about them:
 Vittore Buzzi Photographer is synonymous with photo workshops and tours, photo travel, photo field trips, guided photography tours, nature, landscape and macro photography, or whatever 'label' one can put on what I do. If you prefer smaller groups of up to 12, would enjoy more time and attention, and return home as a better photographer.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

What not to do when you hire a wedding photographer

I consider myself a commercial artist, with more than 300 weddings under my belt with a lot of enthusiastic couples. I’m member of WPJA, AGWPJA and I won very important awards in editorial and artistic photography, my images are collected by private people and by public institution. When I shoot wedding I really like to feel the love and the magic of the ceremony and of the reception. Usually the brides and grooms that I meet are so nice and enthusiastic about their wedding and we speak about pictures, candid moments, formals. The usually find me from the internet and the y are so happy the I’m going to shoot their weddings. Rarely the ask me a discount.

Once or twice a year I meet some ugly people that ask me an appointment they arrive on late they always criticize the pictures in a not polite and not intelligent way at the end they ask me a 20 to 30 % discount.

I act in a very polite way and I inform the bride and the groom that is not possible and that I’m not going to apply any discount. After two or three days I wrote them an email and I specify that I’m not any more free for their date.

A lot of you will think that I’m completely crazy letting go a lot of money only for proud. I’m not proud I only know that I will do my best for the couples that hire me as photographer and I have to feel the love of that day. If the couple that I’m going to take pictures for is empty, with nothing in their souls well is not a business for me.

Sometimes it happens that an ugly and not polite groom call me at the phone to ask me to go to their wedding but you know when I’m not shooting wedding during the week end I like to stay with my family with a lot of love and happiness around me.

So when you choose your wedding photographer you have to like his pictures. If you choose a wedding photographer only if he will give you a 30% discount you are not on my way.

It’ strange that always happens with very rich people, usually someone who inherit the richness from their parents or grandparents. Someone who does not know the meaning of hard work.


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Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Wedding photographer Lake Garda

A nice afternoon near Trento on lake Garda for the wedding of Cristiana and Lorenzo. A great beautiful day on the rivers of Garda one of the most beautiful lakes in Italy Lake district.

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Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Wedding Photographer Piedmont, Alessandria

A very nice wedding. Vanessa and Vittorio got married in Milan and then they had a nice reception near Alessandria in Piedmont.

A nice wedding with a lot of people coming from Irealand, Sicily, Campania, Sardinia and of course from Lombardy.

A lot of love around Vanessa and Vittorio and you can feel it from the pictures that I shot.
It's really nice to be wedding photographer.

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