Saturday, April 02, 2011

Taking pictures with the bride before the ceremony

What: Photographing the preparation of the bride
For whom: for all wedding photographers and creative journalistic style photos

Let's start by describing the type of equipment I usually use in this type of shots, I will not specify the brands like Nikon and Canon and concentrate more on the types of lenses and cameras and why.
By choice I prefer to stay light even though I always have with me a second photographer or an assistant who takes care of my cameras.
To take pictures at bride's home I use a 24-70 f 2.8 zoom which allows me to cover wide angle to mini tele  great for shooting in tight spaces and to make portraits, my camera is the latest generation and has a low noise sensor, and finally I have with me a flash light to give a little bit of fill light.

There are photos of the "mandatory" usually expected from a photographer in the bride's house:

the bouquet
other accessories
portraits with close relatives
the history of the preparation

After catching he safe one you can begin to seek more details and complex pictures, with cuts, reflections, and portraits of the most intense moments.  Capturing beautiful intense and exciting moments.

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Nice pictures, your project nicely.